Start for College Early

If you’re thinking about going to a great college, you can’t just wake up one day in August before your senior year starts and decide that you’re going to enroll at a great university.

You’ve got competition.

It’s a buyer’s market out there. And what you’re selling isn’t so great.

If a selective school is in your future plans, you’ve gotta get started early.

Think of getting into college as a process, not a single action.

You get accepted by doing a good job inside and outside of class and continuing to work at it every week and you gradually complete all the steps necessary to receiving that acceptance letter.

The best universities want to see four years of solid grades and extracurricular activity.

Specifically, you should get started taking a foreign language class as soon as you can so you have four years completed by the time you graduate.

The same goes for math. Don’t put those classes off when you’re a freshman. Take them right away.

You should also join some organizations in your early years as well. You want to become a leader of one or more of those groups by the time you start your senior year, so you need to get involved with them early and work your way up to a leadership position.