Lead Not Follow

College recruiters want to see applicants who have belonged to a nice variety of clubs and organizations both in school and outside of school.

But besides merely being members of organizations, recruiters really want to see applicants who have lead or have shown leadership characteristics while being involved with these groups.

So think about this for a moment.

You usually can’t just join a group and suddenly take on a leadership role. You generally have to belong to a group for a while before you can lead it.

So you need to start joining these groups while you are a freshman or sophomore so that you will be able to grow into a leadership position when you are a junior or senior.

If you can’t become the group president or vice-president, try to do something within the group that demonstrates leadership, creativity and organizational skills.

Recruiters are more interested in applicants who can show commitment and leadership to a few organizations rather than to applicants who are involved with many different activities and organizations, but can’t show a concentrated commitment to any one of them.