Have Realistic Expectations

When you are deciding upon which universities to apply to, you need to have some realistic expectations.

We’re not all going to Harvard and Stanford.

While it’s a good idea to apply to one or two schools that might be considered a reach for you to get accepted into, you need to have a good contingency plan for what you will do if those selective colleges turn you down.

Most advisers recommend that you go ahead and apply to one to three “reach” schools, one or two safety schools that you are sure will accept you, and one to three schools somewhere in the middle.

Most likely, one of the schools in the middle is where you will end up enrolling at.

Every school application takes time, and you shouldn’t waste a lot of time sending out numerous applications to schools you won’t get into.

Plus, most colleges will charge you an application fee too.

Get a realistic idea of which schools you could get accepted at and then concentrate on getting into them. Get started on those specific school applications, spend a lot of time making sure the applications are the best you can make them and apply early.