Have a Great Summer

It’s a good idea to do something every summer that will strengthen your college application.

Each summer is a chance for you to do something interesting when you aren’t burdened by having to go to school five days a week.

There are a variety of activities you could get into. You could get a job, volunteer, or take a class in something you find interesting.

Working, volunteering and taking classes help to show that you’re not just a lazy party guy.

Jobs are good because you can earn some pocket money for college and have something to put on your next job application.

Volunteering can have unexpected results. You might meet someone who will eventually hire you or recommend you for a job or they may end up writing you a college recommendation.

You could also sign up to take part in either a foreign exchange program or some type of volunteering effort in another country.

Interning is also another great activity, but it can be difficult to find an internship when you’re still in high school. Most companies will be looking for college-aged interns.

It’s tempting to just blow your whole summer vacation, but you should put in some time and effort that will help you later with your college quest.