Get a Great Recommendation

Universities receive a lot of student recommendation letters.

Your goal is to make yours stand out as much as possible.

While you can’t actually write your recommendation letter, you can make every effort to allow the writer of yours to write as strong a letter as possible.

The first step is to pick the best writer.

The best writer is someone who thinks you are pretty great and is happy to write a letter saying as much.

Some colleges think the best writers are also teachers in a core field such as English, math, history or science. Many students know this as well, so some of these teachers get asked by a lot of students to write these letters.

You may have to come up with more than one potential letter writer in case your top choice is too busy to write yours.

Make the letter writing process as easy as you can for your writer. Give them all the necessary paperwork and guidelines for your particular college.

Give them plenty of time to write your letter. You don’t want your writer to have to hurriedly write yours just days before the university deadline.

You can also give your writer a short summary of your school and personal history which may help them to write about you.

Teachers have lots of students and it can be hard for them to keep each student’s details straight, so include some facts about yourself in your summary to make it easier for your teacher to write about you. They will appreciate it.