Emergency Help

Are you currently failing a class?

Need to do something right now?

Here’s what to do now.

First, communicate with the teacher. You may find this difficult to do. But you need to do it.

Two Students Feeling LostYou need to walk up to the teacher between classes and say, “Hey, I’m not doing well in this class. This class is important to me. What do you recommend I do to start doing better?”

Now, 95% of the teachers are going to be glad that you took responsibility and are taking their class seriously enough to approach them and they’re gonna give you the basics of a plan for what to do next.

If they give you advice — follow that advice. Do what they tell you to do. It doesn’t matter what you think of their advice. Just do it.

If you don’t follow their advice and you still have problems in their class — they will remember that you disregarded their advice.

Unfortunately, the other 5% of the teachers might not give you much help because either they might not like you for some reason, or they’re just plain dicks, so in those cases, you’re really going to have to work hard on your end.

Next — look at your schedule. Being able to devote some extra hours to this class is going to be important. You’re going to need to steal some hours away from something else that you’re currently doing and devote those hours to this class.

Sound horrible? It won’t be.

First off, how many weeks are left of this class? How many more times does this class actually meet? It probably isn’t very many times. Compare that to the time you have for the rest of your life. It really isn’t that much.

Don’t like your teacher? So what. You’ll get through it.

You’re not gonna let some a-hole hurt your chances for a better life. Screw that. You can do it. You just need to hunker down and get it done.

Don’t get angry and let it hurt you. Take your anger and channel it into proving that you can do it. You’re gonna force that teacher to give you a passing grade.

You don’t have to get an A, you just need to pass.

Do whatever you have to do to not get an F grade. An F can be devastating in some situations. It can prevent you from transferring to a different school or getting into a different college.

A D grade, or in some situations, even a C-minus, can also be serious. Your goal is to get at least a C or better in every class.