Crush the Essay

The essay section of the college application is probably the most critical part of the entire application.

A perfectly thought-out and executed essay can put your application over the top of other applications with similar grades and test scores.

There are two components to the essay. There is the topic and there is the mechanics of the writing.

Coming up with the perfect topic is hard. You are trying to find a topic that is unusual and special to you.

You don’t want to write about something that numerous students have written about before. And you want to find a topic that is unique to your situation and is something that you can really write something strong about.

When you come up with your topic, you should take a moment and run it by your guidance counselor and see if he or she thinks that it is an okay topic.

Once you get the okay from your counselor, you need to start writing. When you’re done writing, you need to write it again.

Then you need to write it again.

You need to show it to people who know how to write, get their feedback and use it to continue to edit it.

When you’re done, you will hopefully have an essay that is on a great topic and mechanically perfect.

Your essay is really important, and it’s one of the few things at this point you can control.

Make it as good as you can.