Be a Sport

While universities are often looking for kids who appear to be really good at something and show a lot of potential in one area, they are also looking for kids who have put together a well-rounded high school career.

Colleges like to see athletic involvement on an application because it shows that the student can juggle the time necessary to practice and play sports while at the same time maintaining what they need to do in the classroom.

Playing sports can also indicate that you are willing to put in the time to train and practice in order to improve a set of skills.

Some students will be offered athletic scholarships.

Will you be offered an athletic scholarship?

If you are like most student athletes – no, you won’t.

If you’re a top athlete in a sport that colleges regularly award scholarships in, then maybe you will get offered something.

Receiving a sports scholarship can be pretty terrific. But these scholarships might not come from the school you really want to attend and you’ll have to commit many hours to your sport while in college as well.

But if you love your sport, being able to play it while getting an almost free education can be a pretty sweet deal.